I have never been so excited to write a review of a resort. This one is a remarkable place that deserves all of the praise it receives.You may not have time to read this whole thing but I suggest and hope that you do and I’ll try to get to the important features a bit straight away.

Lee Beach Resort is a newly opened beachfront resort that will provide all the comforts you need for an affordable price. It offers a homely vibe that’s perfect for a relaxing and worthwhile vacation. Its gazebo is perfect for sunset views and that’s basically the best part of your day at the resort. I enjoyed the exclusivity of the place and the peaceful and quiet surroundings. But more than anything else, the hospitality is at its finest and the staff couldn’t be more helpful. With this experience, I felt compelled to share with everyone how great this resort is.

I had a great experience staying here and I’d like to share why.

1. Genuinely caring owners and staff.

I felt that circumstances conspired to bring us to this resort as we had a couple of hiccups with our trip. First, few of our friends backed out the last minute so we needed to find a cheaper room since our budget became restricted. Second, the smaller rooms in the first resort we booked are all taken and we opted not to get the big room we reserved because it’s too expensive and it looks old and unmaintained. So we decided to search an alternative resort and luckily, we found the page of Lee Beach Resort.

I called the number on their FB page and it was Mark, the son of the owner of Lee Beach Resort, who entertained my call. I appreciate that he sounded concerned after learning about our situation and he even offered a Php500 discount when he learned that we’re on a tight budget. He immediately called his mom Mercy who is managing the resort and arranged a meetup point in Toyota La Union so their staff could guide us to the resort. What I appreciate the most is when Mark made a follow-up call an hour after our check-in just to check if we are comfortable with the place and if all the things we needed were provided. For me, that’s truly remarkable and very caring.

Tita Mercy provided an exceptional care and acted as our mother during our stay. She volunteered to do the grocery for us so we can start enjoying the place since we arrived a bit late in the afternoon. She provided the needed utensils for cooking and dining. She gave her extra sack of charcoal for our grilling and refused to accept our payment. They set up an open tent and provided extra tables and chairs for us to use. We forgot to put chili pepper on our grocery list and she’s very generous to offer her chili plant with masses of red and green peppers. She instructed her staff to make a bonfire for us and make long sticks so we can roast hot-dogs and marshmallows.She offered her staff’s room for our driver to have a comfortable place to sleep. Just like a mother, I saw her checking on us while we swim on the beach just to make sure we are all safe. She’s very welcoming and approachable. In return, we took good care of the room and cleaned it before we leave.I promised her that I will tell people about the good things she did to us. Kindly spread this and book her place.

2. Charming property

With wraparound views of the sea, mangrove forests and coastal vegetation, Lee Beach Resort will blow you away. It was so tranquil, so serene, and so picturesque!

Before entering the premises of the resort, you will see the view of the mangrove forest with a bamboo bridge. So peaceful to look at.

As you enter Lee Beach Resort, you will see the lush, green garden with several flowery plants. The resort is newly built so some plants are still small as they have been planted just a few months ago. The resort has a simple theme that matches their basic facilities.

The resort’s beach view can’t get much more beautiful. Seriously, it’s so picturesque and heavenly.

3. A place to stay on a budget.

The room was well equipped and since it’s new, everything was in good condition at an affordable rate.

There’s a nice layout of furniture and cozy ambiance inside. They currently have 3 big rooms that can accommodate a small family or group of 6 to 10 individuals. Each room has 2 bedrooms with a kitchen, comfort room and living area. Lee Beach Resort is fully CCTV equipped for the safety of the guests. Tita Mercy said that they plan to build small rooms that are good for 2 on the second floor soon.

The room that’s Php5000 per night. There’s no TV and refrigerator. With complimentary Filipino Style Breakfast (good for the minimum of the room). Corkage-free.

The room that’s Php6000 per night with complimentary Filipino Style Breakfast (good for the minimum of the room). Corkage-free.

Room with a good view of the beach for Php7000 per night with complimentary Filipino Style Breakfast (good for the minimum of the room). Corkage-free.

4.The sunset views from our patio are amazing and the best part of our day at the resort.

5. Exclusivity.

We decided to stay in Bauang, La Union to avoid the overcrowded beach of San Juan.  Luckily, we got a resort that’s exclusive for us. We get to enjoy a private place without worrying about the noise or having to share space with too many people.This exclusivity is one of the things that made us enjoy the place more.

How to get to Lee Beach Resort, Bauang La Union:

You can ride a bus to Lee Beach Resort Bauang, La Union like Partas, Viron, and Dominion. PHP 436 to PHP 524 depending on the type of bus. Travel time is about 5-7 hours depending on traffic and where you are coming from. And advise the bus conductor to drop you off specifically at Toyota La Union, which is our nearest landmark. Once there they can arrange for one of their staff to meet you at the given landmark point and properly guide you to our resort.


The resort is just 30 minutes ride to San Juan surfing beach if you want to surf

It’s near Lomboy Grapes farm where you can experience grapes picking! It’s fun!

The Bauang Church. 

The park! 🙂


Lee Beach Resort Contact Details: +63 949 889 9149
Location: Bauang Baccuit, La Union, Philippines

They are genuinely caring hosts. They never failed to attend our requests in a super timely manner. Truly, our second home by the beach.